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At Eirich Electric, we understand that the most important part of meeting your electrical need is letting you get back to your life.

You’re not installing that new wiring for the sake of it, you’re doing it for a better movie night. You’re not getting a consultation on lighting fixtures for your new business for the hell of it, you’re doing it to grow your future.

We’re a family-run business who knows the demands that your electrical needs put on your life, be it commercial projects or home repairs. When you call, we answer. We’re there when we’re scheduled. On time, every time.

We’re done with the tired stereotypes of lackluster contracting: we expect the best from ourselves because we wouldn’t want any less for our own families.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an estimate?

For smaller projects, we can usually provide an estimate within 1-2 business days. For anything more involved we would like to schedule a call or an onsite visit to assure we get you the best pricing and solutions for your need.

Do you do price matching?

We do everything in our power to offer our customers the best pricing on the best solutions. Will there be someone cheaper out there? Absolutely. But we all know from experience that when it comes to customized contract work, cheaper is certainly not always better. That said, if you have a competing quote, absolutely bring that to us and we’ll be happy to take a look. We’re more than happy to go through the potential solutions and pitfalls that other contractors may suggest for any given job. And if there’s opportunity to save you money while still providing you the best service, we’ll enthusiastically adjust our quote.

Where are you licensed?

Eirich Electric is licensed throughout the state of Rhode Island.

Is there anywhere I can see reviews of your work?

You certainly can! We’re proud to be a screened and approved Home Advisor service provider. You can visit our page there to read reviews from any number of satisfied customers.